Fighting Counterfeit Parts

AS5553 Compliant Counterfeit Parts Risk Control Plan

In recent years, the introduction of counterfeit parts into the supply chain has become a very serious concern for the defense industry. As a supplier of electronics parts and systems, Artemis takes this trend very seriously and is dedicated to ensuring that counterfeit parts are not incorporated into its products.

The company’s Counterfeit Parts Risk Control Plan presents a robust system that provides for the avoidance, detection, mitigation, control and disposition of counterfeit electronic parts.

Elements of the Plan:

  • Thorough Supplier Evaluations
  • Preference of OCMs and Authorized Distributors
  • Employee Training for Counterfeit Part Identification
  • Detailed Visual Inspection of Parts
  • Testing for Evidence of Resurfacing
  • X-ray Inspection of Parts
  • Identification and Segregation of Suspect Parts
  • Containment Actions and Notification of Suppliers and Customers
  • Reporting of Suspect Parts to GIDEP, ERAI and Governmental Agencies
  • Quarantine of Suspects Parts Until Destruction