Case Study: Heads Up Display – NSN: 1240-01-495-7388

Artemis received, as a part of a contract with Otto Instruments, a Heads Up Display from an Amphibious Assault Vehicle AAV. The condition of this unit was as follows:


  • Water intrusion either through faulty gaskets or cracked front lens
  • Electrical damage from shorting due to submersion in salt water
  • Circuit card and case had corrosion due to salt water submersion as well

Artemis Capabilities:

  • Capabilities of replacing circuit cards or replacing if damage is too extensive
  • In the case, you will see pitting, which will cause future failure of any gasket. Here we replaced the case as you will see below:
  • Cable is reworked as well, with rebuilt harness

  • Turn-around time:
  • Received item: 7/15/11
  • Overhauled and Shipped: 11/11/11

Case Study: Instrument Module Panel – NSN: 2350-01-199-6319

Artemis received, as a part of a contract with Raytheon, an Instrument Module Panel from an Assault Amphibious Vehicle AAVP7A1. The condition of this unit was as follows.

This unit arrived with cracked bar graphs, botched repairs, and full of salt water as you will see below.

Attempted (and botched) repair of the bar graph leads

A power supply card with a temporary fix, or jumper

Unit Arrived with saltwater and fractures

  • In this type of case, Artemis has the capabilities of overhauling or replacing the display card and power card
  • Artemis has the supply chain resources to obtain the necessary (approved) parts to complete many projects similar to this one.
  • Turn-around time:
  • Received items: 2/25/11
  • Overhauled and Shipped: 3/7/11

Case Study: Power Distribution Assembly – NSN: 6110-01-558-9427

Artemis received, as a part of a contract with Raytheon, a power distribution assembly from a Light Armored Vehicle LAV-25A1. The condition of this unit was as follows:

  • This power distribution assembly arrived with severe corrosion
  • Most components were unsalvageable
  • Water intrusion and corrosion in all the cabling
  • Required all new components, extensive corrosion treatment: acid wash of internal cavity, and finally primed and painted

Artemis replaced damaged components, executed corrosion control and retested the board for functionality. Circuit cards did not need to be replaced: Artemis technicians cleaned, reapplied conformal coating, and completed final testing.

  • Turn-around time:
  • Received item: 7/25/11
  • Overhauled and Shipped: 10/17/11