Case Study: Heads Up Display – NSN: 1240-01-495-7388

Artemis received, as a part of a contract with Otto Instruments, a Heads Up Display from an Amphibious Assault Vehicle AAV. The condition of this unit was as follows:


  • Water intrusion either through faulty gaskets or cracked front lens
  • Electrical damage from shorting due to submersion in salt water
  • Circuit card and case had corrosion due to salt water submersion as well

Artemis Capabilities:

  • Capabilities of replacing circuit cards or replacing if damage is too extensive
  • In the case, you will see pitting, which will cause future failure of any gasket. Here we replaced the case as you will see below:
  • Cable is reworked as well, with rebuilt harness

  • Turn-around time:
  • Received item: 7/15/11
  • Overhauled and Shipped: 11/11/11